Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Concept/sketch painting before finals

Awhile ago I was left to do 4 narrative environment paintings, and I pulled out an idea I had from a dream. The dream itself really only felt like still scenes, and I just could not forget it; it featured these large, glowing ghostly golems (alliteration!), that rose out of the Earth, much like ancient spirits. In the dream itself, there was simply an air of dread and fear, almost as they were deadly markers, and people didn't know how to handle them. They seemed to bring death at the touch? For the paintings, I expanded upon the idea and added a back story that a war had happened and bombs had been dropped everywhere in a heightened blitz, but hastily made they didn't explode? A couple years past and the unease, of thousands of unexploded bombs, of various sizes everywhere, subsides and people get used to them and even start building over and around them, adjusting. I believe my intentions were that these ghosts rose out of the Earth, one for each bomb, as markers that something may happen soon, and the Earth knows... ?

I plan to do more images based on this one day, perhaps even a comic, but somehow just still images says a lot more for me about this idea.

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PyroPanda said...

I'd like to read the comic if you do one - it sounds pretty cool (and the way you described it was all poetic or some shit - funky♥) XD