Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My not so secret love. Here's is just a little of the comics I've done, but be sure it's my main concern.

Fact the Facts preview!
The rest of Face the Facts, a short comic about the serious business of facial hair will be be seen in Popgun! Until then I'm sorry, I can only offer you concept sketches of the Beards gang:
Defense Beard
Charmy Beard
Rogue Beard

Times of Change
A 3 page comic for an anthology!

Comics as big as my hand


PyroPanda said...

DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! I LOVE your comics! They're all so friggin' awesome they make me wanna put down my pencil and just cry in failure ;o;
I mean jeezis! You probably have more style in your toenail than most people have in their entire bodies!

eeerr...that said...can I have a toenail, please?? 80 In fact, belly button lint will do!

Vince Smith - VKS said...

Hey! I 'm the guy that caught you with food falling out of your mouth at the portfolio show. I'm friends with Maggie, Sarah and Cynthia.

I didn't know you did comics. I WAS gonna check out your work but you had alot of real clients checking your stuff out, so I let them do their thing.

Irregardless, you have awesome talent. A unique style and alot of variety. Good on you! That, and you're in Popgun Vol. 3. That's a goldstar in anyone's book.

I'll be linking your blog to mine in my next post. Check our my comic book group, Vicious Ambitious if you feel like it. We do comics as well and we're apparently a staple in the Calgary Independant Comic Book scene. Whatever that means.